Help! Strategies for Early Readers

A Primary Teacher Toolkit

When My Kids Can't Read A/B....What to do?

The following strategies have been selected from eworkshop. They are intended to support students who are not yet reading at level at the end of their Senior Kindergarten year or in Grade One. Direct teacher support should be provided on an on-going basis until the student is reading successfully.

I will be hosting Lunch and Learn workshops this week at H.F. Loughin on Monday and Tuesday, and Agnes Taylor on Wednesday and Thursday. Please email me if you are interested in attending these.

Emergent Reading Behaviours

Explicitly teach your students the following:

* Concepts of Print- title, author, front/back

*Directionality-left to right, top to bottom, capitals, punctuation

*Concept of letter, word, sentence

*One-to-one word matching-voice matches print

*high-frequency words-within text

*letter and letter-sound relationships-within text, within their name

Check out the Student Reading Profiles in the PM Assessment Kits for AMAZING teaching strategies to support these.