Bluetick Coonhounds

By: Laura

History and Breeding

The Bluetick Coonhound was first breed in Kentucky. The dogs blueish color makes it possible that it was breed from the French Staghound, and maybe the English foxhound. For many years they were known in America as English Coonhounds. However in 1945, Bluetick breeders broke away from english breeders because they didn't like the line of dogs the English breeders were following. They renamed their dogs, and maintained their own hunting styles.


Male Buetick Coonhounds can get up to 22-27 inches, and weigh 55-80 pounds, and females can get 20-25 inches, and weigh 45-65 ponds. Blueticks have a broad head, domed skull, and their muzzle id square. Their eyes are dark, round and wide-set. Their tail is long and pointed horizontally.


When hunting, Blueticks are mainly driven by their keen sense of smell. The can track almost any animal through the woods. Mainly they were breed for hunting racoons and smaller mammals, but they will not hesitate to follow bigger prey, such as bears and cougars.


Bluetick coonhounds can be difficult to train. They are very smart, an if think they think you cannot be their master, they will object. However, once trained they are very loyal, and will stay with you.

Other Traits

Bluetick coonhounds are very devoted, and are good companions. Also the are intelligent, and like wide open spaces. They have lots and lots of energy, and can keep up a hunt for hours. However, because of their ears, they can easily get infections and catch illnesses.