The 4 P's of Marketing


The first P of marketing and maybe the most important one, is product. This area describes the variety, quality, design, packaging and lastly the brand. When incorporating the product section of marketing it is important to mention the most appealing aspects of the product itself.


The second P of marketing is price. It is vital to describing the retail prices, available discounts, bonuses, payment options and credit terms. it is important to do so because by showing all options and extras within the sale, people will value their purchase more and get their money's worth.


Promotion of the product is another vital piece to a successful marketing strategy. Promotion can take place in many ways like, advertising, personal sales, sales promotion, public relations, sponsorship, sales calls, brochures, and finally, emails.


The place of which the product is sold is vital to successful sales. Places may include Distribution, delivery, through a retail location, through download, and by using logistics to sell a certain product.