The Tundra

By: Will Russell

Abiotic Factors

A few abiotic factors of the Tundra are soil, wind, and the ice.

Biotic Factor

Some biotic factors include, wolves, caribou, and polar bears

What is it like in the Tundra?

The Tundra is a very important biome in the world. The Tundra is normally -70 to 20 degrees, helping regulate the temperature of the Earth. The Tundra is also home to tons of wildlife like wolves, caribou, and polar bears! The Tundra's ground is made up of a layer called permafrost, which is frozen solid almost 2,000 feet down! Humans are helping this area by making reserve areas for animals and the plant life.

How Humans Hurt The Tundra

Humans hurt the Tundra by overhunting the wildlife in the area. Humans also harm it by driving through the Tundra and leaving tracks from cars.

How Humans Help The Tundra

Humans can help the Tundra by using alternative energy. We can also help by establishing protected areas of the Tundra.


A cool fact is that the Tundra is frozen solid almost one and a half miles down! The Tundra is considered a carbon dioxide sink because it stores most of the carbon dioxide that it gives off.