Staff Newsletter - Week of 12/14

7 Teacher Tips for Surviving the Week Before a Holiday Break

Revisited :)

1. Don't Build Anticipation - You can prevent your class from getting over-excited by staying focused on daily routines.

2. Resist the urge to ease up on your behavioral expectations. - Thanks in advance from the Office :)

3. Review your procedures and expectations. - It’s probably been a few weeks or months since you’ve articulated and modeled some of your classroom procedures for the entire class. (Just because you tell the same four kids over and over that NO, they cannot get a drink in the middle of a lesson, does not mean the rest of the class was paying attention when you reiterated your expectations.)

4. Integrate high-interest projects and group work into your regular routines. - The idea is that the kids don’t notice a change in the way the day is run; only you as the teacher are aware of the subtle differences in the way content is presented and activities assigned.

5. Don’t feel pressure to do all of the elaborate holiday stuff that other teachers do. - Resist the urge to take on more than they can handle. Figure out some simple festive things you can do that won’t create a lot of stress, and stick with those.

6. Keep the last day before break low-key. -Give meaningful work assignments that the kids will enjoy completing, and enjoy the last day together.

7. Get prepared to come back, before you leave. - Try to use the day before break to take down any seasonal decorations you have up, change the calendar, finalize your lesson plans and materials for the first day back, etc.

Saturday School

Beginning in January we will be offering Saturday School as an additional consequence to help students comply with rules and policies. Parent info letters will be put in your boxes next week to be sent home before we leave for the Christmas break. Guidelines for Saturday School and referral forms will be shared at the faculty meeting next week. FYI, we will be looking for 1, possibly 2, volunteers to monitor Saturday School which will be held twice a month from 8:00am-12:00pm. Volunteers will be paid $20 per hour. Stay tuned for additional details!
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