The Bunch and Skinner family Holidays


Bunch- we always get up early in the morning and open presents. Then we sit down and have a family breakfast.

Skinner- after opening presents on christmas morning my family and on go to church and then leave for vacation.

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Bunch- We always have a turkey dinner with my whole family. Then we sit down and watch the football game and then we eat pie.

Skinner- For Thanksgiving me and my family go to my grandmas house for lunch. Every year we have prime rib as the main dish instead of turkey. Everyone just like prime rib better so that is what my grandma cooks.

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Bunch- We always go out to eat to celebrate a birthday. The person whos birthday it is gets to choose where we go. Then we go back to my house with my grandparents and eat cake.

Skinner- In my family for birthdays we go out to eat. Whoever’s birthday it is gets to choose any resturaunt that is any the area and our immediate family goes there together.


Bunch- We always have a egg hunt for our little cousins. We will go hide the eggs before my cousins arrive and then they go and try to find the eggs.

Skinner- On Easter my family wakes up early and my little sister looks for the easter eggs hidden by the easter bunny outside in the yard. After that, everyone in my dad’s side of the family meets at my grandma’s for lunch.

Black Friday

Bunch- We always go to the football State Championship and watch our team win the championship. I have never been black friday shopping before and I dont know if I will go this year.

Skinner- On black friday in the past years, I have waited outside early in the morning with my dad at best buy or target just for fun. We don’t really go to get anything, we just go for fun.

National diabetes day

Bunch- We sing Andrew a song and we congradulate Andrew on having diabetes.

Skinner- On diabetes day my friends and I congradulate Andrew on having diabetes.

New years eve

Bunch- We are usually in Florida most years but when I’m home i find a lovely girl to kiss at midnight to celebrate the New year.

Skinner- On New Years Eve, my church has a dinner that I go to with my family. After that I go to a party with my friends and watch the ball drop at 11 and then kiss someone at midnight ;)

Valentines Day

Bunch- We always appreciate the other peole around us and love each other. My mom usually gets me hearts full of chocolate to help celebrate.

Skinner- I don’t really do anything for valentines day.


Bunch- I used to go trick or treating but now I end up going to costume parties and hanging out with my friends is more of Halloween now.

Skinner- When I was younger I would dress up and go trick or treating. Now I go to costume parties with my friends.

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St. Patricks day

Bunch- Wear green and watch or sometimes we go to the parade. My dad goes to the bar and celebrates with his friends.

Skinner- On St. Patricks Day all I do is wear green.

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