Gregor Mendel

Father of Genetics

About Gregor Mendel's Childhood

  1. Mendel was born July 22, 1822 into a poor German-speaking family of 6 people including him.
  2. He worked as a beekeeper where his interest in bees started.
  3. His parents put every penny to his education so he could go and get an education.
  4. His love for nature and his interest in science started his career in genetics.
  5. In school Mendel was proficient in science and his teacher noticed early on.

About Gregor Mendel's life as a monk

  1. He became a monk at a young age to continue his education.
  2. He went to back to school as a monk.
  3. Mendel took a teaching examination to become a teacher twice and he failed both times due to a nervous condition that affected his performance.
  4. Mendel created a mutant strain of honey bees that could produce large amounts of honey but were very aggressive and had to be destroyed.
  5. Because of the loyalty Mendel had for his religion he was appointed father of the monastery.
  6. His love for nature and his interest for science is what started his career in genetics.
  7. Mendel's work was not accepted by the scientific community because the scientist did not understand his work.

After Gregor Mendel Died

  1. Mendel's research was published in 1865, but it was not until 30 years after he died that his work in genetics (pea plants and the bees).
  2. Around the 1900 scientists were studying the same topic of inheritance and some got the same results as mendel.
  3. Mendel died 61 at years old on January 6, 1884
  4. After Mendel died, the new father of the monastery had all of his research destroyed.