Grimke Sisters

Gabby Escobar

Brave Women

  • Angelina and Sarah Grimke were raised in South Carolina.
  • They were raised in the cradle of slavery on a plantation in South Carolina.
  • Their father, John Grimke who was one of the leading judges in Charleston, had high standards of discipline and would at times require for them to work in the fields shelling corn or picking cotton.
  • They were able to see the suffering of the slaves up close.
  • Instead of having a luxury life they decided to move to Philadelphia were they could help to abolish slavery.
  • They couldn't stay quiet they wanted to help so they started to attend anti-slavery meetings.
  • They both became Quakers
  • Many thought that women shouldn't have a say especially when it had to due with critical issues like slavery.
  • The Grimke sisters wanted women to have a say or the right to talk and help with eliminating slavery causing for those opposed to abolitionist messages and northerners to get angry.
  • They wrote Letters and Books that conveyed their ideas.
  • in 1836 Angelina wrote on Appeal to the Christian Women of the South saying that white southern women to embrace the anti-slavery cause.
  • July 1837 Sarah's remarkable "Letters on the Equality of the Sexes"appeared in the New England Spectator.
  • On June of 1837 they held the first meeting that was mixed with men and women.
  • On February 21, 1838 Angelina became the first women to talk in front of the Legislative body in the US.
  • Even though the didn't create a reform they still had a great influence in society with abolishing slavery and having women rights.

Summary Of The life Of The Grimke Sisters

The Grimke Sisters