Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruck man and Dylan

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problem souloution

The main characters in the book are Dan,Arthur and Stacey. One problem in the story was Dan did not know if his dad was safe and the solution's was he found his dad when he was walking to home base. Another problem was that the tornado was right on there house so they huddled together under the blanket in the basement shower and survived.Another problem is they could not get out of the basement because the stairs collapsed and the solution was Stacey came to the rescue and helped them out. Another problem was they had to help mrs.smiley so they went to her house got her and used a beds springs to get her out the window. One other problem is Kelly got injured and it was affecting his sight so Dan had to drive. My final problem is Dan lost his mom and Ryan so he went to k mart but they were not there so he walked home and they were in the mobile with his dad.


At the beginning of this book they Introduced Dan and Arthur. They went to the pool and went to the beach.At the beach they found 2 of Arthur's sisters and it was getting cold and windy and on there way back from the beach there were papers flying everywhere and Arthur stayed at Dans house for dinner. In the middle of the book Wile Dan and Arthur were watching TV and suddenly on the TV it shows CI and so they go get Ryan from upstairs and go in the basement bathroom. Then they went in the shower in that bathroom and the tornado started. They were under a blanket until it stopped and there house was destroyed. When they got out they saw the destroyed neighborhood.Wile they were walking they found Dans Mom and his mom got on the bus with Ryan wile Dan Stacey and Arthur went to help Mrs smiley. At the end of the book they spent the night in the jail and in the morning they went to the Armory were Stacey and Arthur found their dad. So Dan went to Kmart to find his mom but it was flooded so he went to home base and he found his mom dad and Ryan. Then they got their house rebuilt and they lived on the farm most of the summer wit Arthur because there family was to big.


The setting in this book is Nebraska and here are 3 interesting facts about Nebraska.

The first fact I will give is there major rivers. There major rivers are the Missouri,river, Niobe river,plate river and Republican river. There state bird is the western meadowlark and finally the state capital is Lincoln.