New Places

Come check out the land in Texas!

Enjoy your life in Texas!

There is so much to offer in Texas. You could start up a family, even bring your family here. You could own so much for such little. Also you could have a ton of land. You can have up to 4,605 acres of land. It's 12.5 cents per 1 acre! Also its a new establishment, no actual authority is able to collect taxes. You should really consider living in Texas.

Why you dont go anywhere else besides Texas

First of all the land is super cheap. But for the U.S. It is $1.25 and acre. Also Mexico had faced devastation in 1821. You could have a fresh start in Texas. We promise security in Texas so you wont be harmed. Why would you want to stay at your original home if the country has gone poor and you can barely feed your family? I sure wouldn't, i would move to Texas.

Some of our spots available in Texas

Guaranteed to be relaxing and peaceful.

Some previous questions asked

Will we have to convert our religion? Yes but it will be for a good cause. For what you get out of it it's fine. Will we have plenty of room? Yes you could have up to 4,605 acres, and it is 12.5 cents per 1 acres. Will we enjoy it? Yes i am certain you will enjoy every second of the day in Texas.