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Why is it so difficult to make money on line?

If you have ever wanted to...or needed to...make some extra cash from the internet and searched for an affiliate type business, you will have become bewildered at the immense scale of choices available to you.

How do you choose?

Well, obviously it will depend on your skill levels and requirements.

1. Are you experienced in website building?

2. Do you know any HTML?

3. Are you any good at marketing?

4. Can you afford "Paid" advertising?

5. Do you have, or can you build, a huge email list of customers?

6. Are you so desperate for money that you can't afford those expensive training courses?

7. Do you need extra cash now.....or can you wait a few weeks, or months, to build an online business?

Just trying to find a way to make a little extra cash online can be a very stressful experience. Most people looking to start up a new business online will have problems with one or more of the above 7 examples.

What most successful affiliates do is join an affiliate program that has a recurring membership fee...usually paid monthly. That way, if you can get people to join through your affiliate links, you make bigger money faster. And that is can quickly find people to join under you so you are making money quickly, rather than just paying out a big membership fee each and every month!

To make money from such a venture you really need to have a lot of previous online marketing experience....or at the very least, a big email list, otherwise you will just go broke before you make a penny!

So, my advice is this....DO NOT join any expensive affiliate programs UNTIL you have learned at least the basics of advertising and marketing a FREE or very CHEAP affiliate program FIRST!!!!!

There are thousands of ways to learn about advertising and marketing on the internet which will not cost you any money. One good way is to search the videos on YouTube...but just be careful about being tempted to join any fancy training courses BEFORE you already know the basics!

You can also find lots of free eBooks to read by searching on Google. Though most, if not all of them, will try to draw you into their be careful.

Can I recommend any affiliate programs to you?

Don't be silly...of course I can lol ;-)

There are two which really are perfect for anyone new to online marketing or affiliate programs. The first one you can join free and it is very possible for you to actually make money from it without ever paying any membership fees.....though obviously, you will need to learn a few things before you find success or get rich, which could take you a good few months or longer, depending on your own abilities and enthusiasm!!

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The second one is quite similar except there are far more resources and opportunities available to you. It is called the Software Gold Club. But basically you get access to a TON of Software and other resources which you can download and use yourself... or sell, either from your own blog or website, or just use one of the many hosted webpages we give you! The good thing about this is it is EXTREMELY CHEAP to become a member, so you are not going to go bankrupt before you learn how to start making money from it.

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