Fourth Grade Fundamentals

February 12

Important Upcoming Dates

Monday, February 15 - STAFF DEVELOPMENT (no school for students)

A Signup Genius e-mail was sent out early this week for next week's conferences. Be sure sign up soon if you haven't already!

Wednesday, February 17 - EARLY RELEASE at 11:45 for Conferences

Thursday, February 18 - EARLY RELEASE at 11:45 for Conferences

Friday, February 19 SOCK HOP ---- 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, February 22 - Six Flags reading forms are due

Friday, February 26 Spring Picture Day

Friday, March 4 Field Trip to the Stockyards. ***Parents if you are planning to attend as a chaperone, please complete your background check ASAP. You can complete it using this link: Thank you!


GRAMMAR - The students are realizing that it takes an "eagle eye" approach to find some of those errors in a first draft. We are working on having a keen sight for noticing mistakes such as misspellings, incorrect verb tense, lack of capitals for proper nouns, and sentence structure issues.

SPELLING - Due to our shortened week next week and early release days, we will not be introducing new spelling concepts. Students will be expected to continue to review the 4th grade sight words and complete Connect Four activities to practice the words they haven't yet mastered (we've noticed that the homophones are still very tricky.) Of course, it's always a good idea to spiral back to previous concepts in our planner to see if we've mastered these,, too! (That's the right one! Finally!)


This week our writers had an opportunity to rethink and rework an introduction. Introductions are not easy to write, but we think our writers are beginning to figure out how to include these two things:

1. Write something that grabs the reader's attention.

2. Clearly include the central message so the reader knows what the whole piece is about.


We have finally made it to the famous Battle of the Alamo. Our readers are learning about not only what happened there at San Antonio, but who the contributors were that made a difference for Texas Independence. Ask your student how old Enrique Esparza was, and how he played a very important role.

Science News

This week in science we have started one of the most fun (and active) units of the year: ENERGY! We will be doing lots of exploring with various types of energy over the next few weeks. Ask your child about the five types of energy we've been studying in 4th grade.


Math this week has been all about data. Students are learning to interpret sets of numbers and represent them in frequency tables and stem and leaf plots. Frequency tables tell us how often information is represented. Stem and Leaf plots split the values of the data using place value. Check out these websites to see some examples!


Our students have been comparing genres using Venn diagrams and using graphic organizers to pull details from text to hold big ideas about historical Texans.