The Collie

By:Vada Skelton

All about Collies

The Collie is a type of dog. The breed originated from Scotland and Northern England. The Collie is a medium sized dog. The breed has spreaded through out the whole word. Collies are very active and agile. They are also very popular in dog sports. They are very popular in sports because they can run all day and not get tired. They are very beautiful dogs. So a lot of them are in dog shows. They are also really good guard and watch dogs too. All of the Collies have different personalities. They are very popular on television shows and movies. They are on these shows because they are very inteligent dogs. The Collie Dog needs to be brushed and bathed often. They are known for being clean dogs. They very obedient dogs.

Interesting facts

They are very good hearding dogs. It is a very healthy dog breed. Collies sometimes have a an eye disease when they are born. In the summer the collies don't need to be brushed as much. They shed depending how hot they are. Spayed collie dogs shed once a year. Two types of collies are rough and smooth. Collies are sensitive to certain drugs. They can live up to 10-14 years.