Lisa Weihbrecht and Sue Csira

This is EPIC and I mean EEEPPPIIIICCCC!!!!!!!

Did you read the news? Origami Owl is offering you a GIFT and I mean a GIFT that will keep giving throughout the year! You can enroll new Designers for $2.00!!!!! No, that's not a typo. TWO DOLLARS!!!!! That's the change you will find in your car, the price you pay for a large coffee, the cost of a slice of pizza!!!! This is unlike anything O2 has ever done before! Are you ready???!!!

What should you do next? SHARE THE NEWS! Reach out to the following: 1) Former Designers 2) Friends, family, customers and hosts who have expressed interest in joining but didn't have the money to join 3) Essential Oil Distributors (what a great compliment to their current business) 4) Anyone looking for a part time job through the holidays 5) Anyone looking to start their own business.

Now this is a great conversation starter and of course, the best value is within one of our three kits so be sure to let them know that but if they want to give the $2.00 enrollment a chance, they have nothing to lose! If you have someone interested that is contemplating purchasing a kit, invite them to the Meet and Greet held once a month. This month's call is TONIGHT! (October 13th) Click here to join!

This newsletter will have some tips and ideas how to help jump start your new team members to success!!


What is included in the $2.00 offer? Do I get the Sponsoring Gift? Do I get Owlchiever points? For all of these questions and MORE visit

All of your questions, information and social media assets can be found at the link above!

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Who can Sponsor?

This is the most commonly asked question...Am I eligible to sponsor? Designers who are ACTIVE may sponsor new Designers. What does "active" mean? Active means that you have had $99PV within one month within one of the past three months. O2 IS making an exception if you enter your $99 THIS MONTH (October). In this case, you must contact to have the person signed with you ONCE you have your $99PV submitted. Remember to retain your team you must have $99PV within a month every three months.

If you have not been active in over six months (0 PV for six months or more) and you would like to re-enroll and purchase a kit, you may do so by clicking the re-enroll option and reaching out to With our new Holiday collection, new Sentiments line, MOODOLOGY, TROLLS and willa, there has never been a better time to re-start, jumpstart and reignite your business!

To enroll someone with this promotion, follow this format:

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Who do I Invite? What is my goal?

Before you take on any endeavor, you will have a higher rate of success if you set a goal. Do you want to promote to Leading Designer? Team Leader? Do you want to sponsor your first Designer? Do you want to build a business? Once you have determined what YOUR goal is, share it with your mentor or next active MENTOR.

Now here is the next step (from Success Coach Abby Teet)

Let's give a big round of applause to the Olive List that will guide you in whoooooooooo to share the O2 business opportunity with this holiday season! Hey Olive - we're happy that you're here!

I do not...I repeat, I do NOT want you to fill this list up with just the names of those you'd like to join you on your journey for $2. However, instead, I'd love to see you fill out this list with the names of individuals that you believe would benefit from or would love to join Origami Owl as a business buddy!

You see - this promotion was put into place to make it easier to have the conversation with ALL about joining O2. The biggest roadblock we hear from most is that potential designers WANT to join but can't afford it. So, we've made it possible for them to do so...however....we cannot forget that we OWE THEM the conversation on the BEST WAY to launch an O2 business and that is with an O2 Starter Kit!

When sharing the Join O2 for $2 promotion ask that potential designer WHY she'd like to be a part of your team. If she's looking for the BEST way to make money this holiday season - truth is, having the jewelry to display will increase her chances of making that happen! If she's looking for the BEST way to share her love for Origami Owl Jewelry - again, truth is, having the jewelry to display will increase her chances on sharing that love!

The value of our kits is out of this world and we will be doing that potential designer a complete disservice if we don't paint the full picture for them. Remember, once they Join O2 for $2 there will not be an opportunity to purchase a kit!!!!! I've got a feeling that once a designer joins O2, get's a feel for who we are, dives in to all of the incredible coaching/training available, they will want that kit!....MAKE SURE THEY GET ONE!

Today's Action:

1) Fill out your Olive List of those you are going to share this promotion with.

2) Start reaching out if you haven't done so already. Lead with the promotion but don't forget to share the value in the kit!


Ahhhhhhhhh! I'm so pumped up right now and had to reach out to you ASAP! We've chatted about my Origami Owl business in the past and we've discussed this opportunity for you as well...soooooo....I'm so excited to announce that this week I have two opportunities for you to FINALLY SAY YES!

Option #1 is "IN": You can join Origami Owl for $2 and you will receive a designer ID and the opportunity to collect and place orders.

Option #2 is "ALL IN": You can join Origami Owl for $159 and you will receive a designer ID, the opportunity to collect and place orders, $500 worth of Jewelry, an exclusive O2 look worth close to $100 and ALL the business supplies you would need to launch your O2 business this holiday season.

For those who sell Essential Oils, here is some verbiage you can use:


I know how passionate you are about your Essential Oil business and I have an opportunity that I believe you may be interested in.

For a VERY LIMITED TIME, Origami Owl is running a promotion: Join O2 for $2. We have a beautiful BRAND NEW Sentiments Collection that was just launched that acts as a stunning carrier for all Essential Oil blends. I see this as a huge opportunity for you to offer not only oils that you love to your cutstomers but also a gorgeous way to carry them!

For $2 you will have the ability to purchase and sell this collection and with the response we're seeing from our customers - I have a feeling yours will be just as excited!

Let me know if you have any questions! I'd love to help you boost your Essential Oils business with O2!"

Here is the OLIVE list. Fill it out and share with your MENTOR or next ACTIVE MENTOR! You can do this!!!!!

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We want everyone to start strong with their O2 business whether they have a kit or not. Be sure to add them to these three groups:

O2 Designers

New Designers, Designers and Leading Designers

Team WHOOT (or your upline's team page)

For those joining for $2.00 here are some suggested ways to help them join strong (from Abby Teet, Success Coach)

How can you support this group of New Designers that will be joining your team?!....

1) Once they join O2 for $2 encourage them to collect orders using their website. As the hostess of those orders, they will be able to leverage their hostess rewards to build their own kit for the future.

2) Be a buddy! If they are local to you, have them set up an in home Jewelry Bar launch - but wait! - they don't have any product to problem! They can borrow yours to show off! Again, they can place those orders under their own Jewelry Bar and leverage the hostess rewards to build their own kit. Hey - they may even decide to allow their business to pay for their future business and use their paycheck to purchase their own product to showcase at their next Jewelry Bar!

3) Social Media saavy? Assist them in setting up a Facebook Jewelry Bar to collect orders!

4) Encourage your New Designers to purchase a pack of Take Out Menu's at the very least! This is an opportunity for them to collect orders from co-workers, neighbors, friends and family face to face!

5) Mentor them as if they joined O2 for $2MILLION.

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This week has the potential of being the busiest week in O2 history! We set a record last month by welcoming 1,600 new Designers! I know we are going to blow that away this month! Last month as a TEAM we welcomed 60 new Designers! YAY! This month's goal, we're going BIG! Our goal is to welcome 150 new Designers! What's your personal goal? What's your team goal? You can do this! We have a BEAUTIFUL and I mean BEAUTIFUL Holiday Line that launches next week. We have the return of our Sentiments collection AND we have WILLA products coming available for Designers to try later this month! It's mind blowing how many amazing things are happening this month! We are on the path to great things!!! You in???!! Let's make it happen!!!!!

Lisa Weihbrecht, Senior Director, Sue Csira, Director