Mrs. Deulley's Class

The Learning Environment of Room 232

A Challenging Curriculum

Sophomores will focus on developing critical thinking skills by studying literature, studying informational texts, engaging in meaningful collaboration, and identifying and correcting difficult test questions. To view this mindmap, here is the URL:

Life at KVHS room 232...

My Promethean board is used daily to assist in teacher modeling of writing, critiquing, etc. All students have a chromebook, and a good portion of my class is hosted through Schoology. Students learn appropriate online etiquette on discussion boards and engage in meaningful, relevant, and self-directed assignments and projects. The school's wifi is very fast. All Sophomores at KVHS are also taught the same list of vocabulary roots and prefixes, as well as testing terms necessary to excel on the ECA. Other milestones include a personal narrative, a persuasive research paper, and a comfortable familiarity with MLA style.
Students value school, and parents are very supportive of teacher initiatives and school events. KVHS is located between two rural towns, DeMotte and Wheatfield, about 30 minutes from the shopping hub of Merrillville. Students joke that "there's nothing to do here except work and homework," and their grades seem to reflect this.

Classroom Pedagogy


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Kankakee Valley High School

Mission: "To provide a rigorous academic training that is relevant and transferrable to students' future learning and success."
Classes Taught: English 10
* 1,094 students
* 89% Caucasian
* 67% students DON'T quality for free/ reduced lunch
* Rural setting
* Class size range from 15- 28 (average 24)