Northern Hills News

January 8, 2016 update

Dear Northern Hills Friends and Family,

I hope your new year is off to a good start. Even though we had a January newsletter go out right before the winter break, I wanted to get this out to you with some updates and reminders.

PTO Meeting on January 11

Our next PTO meeting will be Monday, January 11 at 6 p.m. This will take place in our conference room in the office. You can park on the West side of the school and come through the main entrance (Door A).

On our agenda:

  • Planning for the Fun Fair on March 5.
  • Getting a school dance on the calendar for February or March
  • Looking ahead to Muffins with Mom and the Chicken Q

Being involved in the PTO is a great way to help our school and get to know other school families.

Traffic request from Onalaska Police

I've been communicating with the Onalaska Police Department about some traffic issues we have around Northern Hills. They have requested that I send out a reminder about a few things. I'm happy to do that, so here are those reminders:

  • Please do not block traffic on East Avenue as you wait to enter the car lane. If the car lane is full, you may need to park or circle the block until traffic in the car lane starts moving.
  • When using the car lane, please pull forward as far as possible to drop off and pick up kids. Stopping too close to the main entrance causes back up onto East Avenue.

  • At the end of the school day, please enter the car lane from the south side (4-way stop side). The biggest problems happen when cars are blocking traffic on East Avenue from both directions.

  • Please don't leave your car if you are using the east side (building side) of the car lane. If you need to come into the building, park along East Avenue or the west side of the car lane.
  • The police department and the city engineers are going to do some traffic study work to make all of this work better. For now, please follow the expectations above and avoid blocking traffic on East Avenue.
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Lost and Found

Our lost and found collection grows every day. Please make sure you label your kids' items with their names to help us get these items back to the right owner. We frequently bring our classes by the lost and found to try to claim these items. If you are able, do stop by our lost and found area to claim what belongs at your house. About every other month, I take some of these items to Goodwill because we run out of room to store it all.

Find the lost and found area on the west side of our cafeteria.