Classroom Chromebooks

Chromebook or laptop - which should you choose?

Chromebooks are more efficient

  • Chromebook passwords do not expire.
  • Chromebooks do not require updates.
  • Chromebooks don't even require users to log in to use them.
  • Google Apps for Education and Google Drive applications make sharing and collaborating simple.
  • Google and the Chrome browser are ubiquitous.
  • Chromebooks are cheaper.

Laptops have benefits, too

  • Laptops are Java-enabled.
  • Laptop users are not limited to the applications in Google Drive.
  • Laptops are typically a sturdier piece of hardware.
  • More students are familiar with Microsoft Office than Google apps.

Chromebooks are the best devices for school use.

While laptops have a few advantages over Chromebooks, Chromebooks allow students to work more efficiently and they require less maintenance. Lubbock ISD is a Google Apps for Education district, providing all students access to Google Apps such as Docs and Slides. These tools allow students to collaborate and share more easily than on traditional laptops, and they provide the further advantage of allowing students and teachers to print less and use less paper. When you further consider the lower cost of Chromebooks, you might find that they are well-suited for high school use.