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Week 18, January 18-22, 2016

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We Have A Dream!

(Updated from Eagle News, January 2014 edition)

Today Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have celebrated his 87th birthday. Each year our nation celebrates Dr. King’s life and legacy by taking one day to stop and reflect on our own lives and how we have impacted the world.

Dr. King believed that all men were created equally and strongly upheld the notion that one day all people would be treated with value and esteem. Even in the most difficult times, Dr. King held tight to his convictions and vision of a world free of racism and discrimination.

Dr. King knew that his thoughts were powerful and the words he spoke were like seeds that pollinated the atmosphere – touching the hearts and minds of others that desired the same outcome. Although the world that Dr. King viewed with his own eyes was a community of vicious racist acts with words of hatred echoing in the background, Dr. King pushed forward with nothing in hand but his voice and his dream to help create a world of peace and fairness for all.

Now forty-eight years after Dr. King’s death we stand witness to his dream and his vision of the world. We observe his dream every day in our schools and in our communities as we watch teachers and students of all races and nationalities learning and sharing their individual contributions to help create a better future for all.

Like Dr. King, we all have dreams. And even though we are challenged by the fact that we must help “all” children reach their full potential, Dr. King’s dream and his mission should remind us that all things are possible.

At QVE, We have a dream that all students can reach their full potential by providing an educational system that will enable all students to be successful.

We have a dream that student success will be best achieved through effective teachers that inspire learning in a supportive climate and safe environment.

We have a dream that QVE will provide a supportive climate and a safe learning/ working environment by empowered and effective leaders throughout the system.

We have a dream that we will promote leadership at all levels [including students, teachers, and staff] in a well -functioning, high-performing community of learners.

We have a dream today!

And when this happens- all schools across Fort Bend ISD will combine our talents and resources to create collaborative, efficient, and effective learning communities that uphold the idea that:

Our sole purpose is to inspire and equip students to pursue futures beyond what they can imagine!

Repeat after me: Inspire! Equip! Imagine!

Will you join us?

Happy MLK Day,

Principal Spears

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QVE Celebrates No Name-Calling Week

Don’t forget next week is National No Name Calling Week and we will celebrate it here at QVE!! If you choose to participate, you may wear jeans!! And please, please take pictures of yourself and your class – email them to me!!

Tuesday – Put a Lid On Name Calling and

wear a hat to school today!

Wednesday – Backwards Day!! Be sure to

wear your favorite shirt backwards!

Thursday – Mismatch Day!

We are all different and we should all appreciate our differences,

so wear mismatched clothes today!

Friday – Team Up Against Name Calling and

wear your favorite team jersey/shirt today.

Ms. Rodriguez

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What's Up at QVE?

January 18th

· Martin Luther King Day/No School

January 19th

  • PLC for ELA/SS

January 20th

  • Committee Meetings 3:30
  • FBISD Bowling Teams Bowl 6:00

January 21st

  • Grant Applications Due

January 25th

· GEMS/GENTS Meeting 3:30

January 26th

· PLC Math/Science

January 27th

· SLT 3:30

January 28th

  • Team Leader 3:30

January 29th

· Synergize Celebration 2:30

· Potluck – 1st Grade Team

READY, SET, COLLECT! QVE is a Leader in Me!

In order to make this possible we are launching a Rewards 365 Fundraiser. The first stage of this fundraiser requires email collection. Students will be asked to collect as many GOOD* email addresses as possible. Email addresses will be entered into a data base which will send a request for a donation in support of our school. Donations of $10 or more will qualify the donor for a FREE membership to Rewards 365, the school’s website which provides deals, cash back online shopping and savings that can’t be found anywhere else and every purchase made creates an additional donation for our school.

Collect as many email addresses as you can, but rest assured that email addresses will only be used for the purpose of this fundraiser and no information will be shared with any other vendor or third party organization. Recipients will only receive three emails, but can choose to UNSUBSCRIBE at any time during the process.

Our goal is for every student to return AT LEAST 10 GOOD* email addresses; please help us reach our goal.

There will be prizes for the top three collecting classes:

· 1st Place – Pizza Party

· 2nd Place – Popsicle Party

· 3rd Place – Extra Recess

Please use the back of this sheet to record and submit your email addresses. These addresses are due back to your child’s teacher next Wednesday, January 27th.

* The term “GOOD” refers to valid email addresses of legitimate, potential donors. Please do not use email addresses of anyone that is not personally known to the parent or student.

Congratulations to our NEW Eagle Dance Team Members!

Thanks for giving our 2nd Grade Students this wonderful opportunity Ms. Singh and Ms. Kelley!!
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QVE Student Running Club- Volunteers Needed!

Hello all!

I’m trying to get the final details worked out on our QVE running group for the 5k on April 2nd. My first idea was to have it be for just girls but as I think more I would love for both boys and girls to have an opportunity to join the group. BUT with more kids and mixed genders, I would need more help leading it than just me. AND I would need a male presence so that any gender issues are covered. So, here is the information and some questions. Let me know if you would like to get involved!

· The group would begin the first week of February and will continue every Tues/Thurs from 3:15-4:15 until April 2nd (the 5k).

· You DO NOT need to have any running experience! I’ve made a training schedule that fits all levels.

· You DO NOT have to even run! You can walk…I’m sure some students will want to just walk as well.

· You can miss some training runs here and there if you have other obligations.

· The training runs will be here at the school so you don’t have to leave and go anywhere.

· The more teachers, students, families, etc we have involved the more chance we have of winning the competition. And you know QVE likes to WIN!!

· I need a male to step up and help me with the boys. Any takers?

I’ve asked before who would like to help be a coach with me and I got a few responses. Please respond AGAIN or for the first time if you would like to join me in coaching our running group! This is a great way to do some mentoring with students outside of just our academics each day.

And a great way for you to work towards a fitness goal!

Ms. Blevins, 2nd Grade

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QVE's 1st Annucal Chili Cook Off and Tasting!

Just a heads up, QVE we will be having a chili cook off at the beginning of March!

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QVE Bowling Night is this Wednesday at 6:00 pm!

Our next bowling date is on Wednesday, January 20th at 6:00 pm. We had to change our date from the 19th to the 20th due to the fact that there is a bowling league that takes up all the lanes on Tuesday nights. So with that being said, who can join us on Wednesday?

Please send me an email letting me know if you can participate! It's going to be an amazing time!

Coach Levingston

FBISD Education Foundation Grants are due by Friday, January 21st.

Your approval and your campus grant applications are all due on January 21st.

See below for approval instructions – Principals and or their administrative assistant may access the system for approvals.

Principals - if you have an approval waiting you should receive an e-mail notice that a grant is awaiting your approval.

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The DRA window is currently open! Please make sure you test 1-2 students each day and do not stop instruction to complete all DRA’s in a matter of days. Refer to the “FBISD Overview of Procedures” while testing to know if you should try a level up, move a level down or if it is a just right level.

The Leadership Team will be stopping by weekly to check progress and to do fidelity checks on the DRA assessment. We are being proactive and not waiting until the assessments are due to scramble to complete or correct any mistakes. Please attend the upcoming DRA trainings if you need a refresher. I am happy to review the procedures with you if you need help. J

Kinder – PAPI – Window open from 1/11-1/29

Re-Test of all the objectives not yet mastered 1-4, 7 & 8 and test all students objectives 5 & 12. Your DRA window is open from 2/5-2/26

1st Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11-2/5

Test all students that were at a level 12 or below & Optional for students at or above level 14 during the first window.

2nd Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11 – 2/5

Test all students that were at a level 24 or below & optional for students at or above level 28 during the first window.

3rd Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11 – 2/5

Test students that were below a level 30 and all new to FBISD students

4th Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11-2/5

Test students that were below a level 40 and all new to FBISD students

5th Grade – DRA2 – Window open from 1/11-2/5

Test students that were below a level 50 and all new to FBISD students

Thank you,

Ruby Portugal

QVE Buddy Program

The school-wide implementation of the Buddy Program will begin Monday, January 18. I am attaching a spreadsheet for you and your partner to sign-up. Please choose a day and time that works for both of you. You will be required to meet once this month due to starting the program later. After January you will be required to meet twice a month. Remember you only meet for 20 minutes, twice a month.

--Please be sure to review the "buddy teacher/partner" list again before signing up--It is attached to this email!

--Below is the link to sign up for your days and times


The buddy program is not meant to be more work for you. The activities completed in the buddy program are meant to be fun and engaging. This program was created to development skills, decrease discipline problems, create young leaders, increase academic performance, increase student motivation and stimulate opportunities for both the younger and older students. Having a peer "buddy" both set of students will feel a sense of pride and joy when working with their buddy.

--Below is the Buddy Program folder where I will post different activities you can complete with your buddy class. Please do not feel you have to use these. Also if you find or create an activity please let me know and I will be happy to add it to the common folder for all to share!


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel overwhelmed or have a question about the buddy program. If you see ways to improve the program or things that you like about the program please let me know.

Thanks so much,

Brittany Bathe