Ms. Traci

By:Faith King

Experience at Coleman Elementry School

Ms. Traci worked at Coleman Elementary for six and a half years. Ms Traci likes the friendliness of the staff members and the students are a pleasure to work with.

Life Outside of School

Ms. Traci likes spending time with her three sons, Chase, Tanner, and Dusty. "They are all hard working, responsible, respectful and I am proud of them", said Ms. Traci. Ms. Traci's hobbies include gardening, working out, and reading.


Ms. Traci would like to be remembered for ,liking her job, caring for others , and a positive attitude.
Ms. Traci's mother influenced her life the most because she taught me to work hard and enjoy life,but also be there to help others on their way
Ms. Traci's advice for students is always try your best.