Media Center News

September 2015

Thank you!

Thank you for all being so flexible and positive about the open media center . I hope you see how this can benefit our school, project based learning goals, and the chance for kids to experience innovation and inquiry learning. As always, I'm open to suggestions and ideas to keep moving things along. And, I hope you have enjoyed being with your kids in the library. As a classroom teacher I would have loved to have been a part of the book selection process!

Project Based Learning

Collaboration Ideas

What can we do together?

As I am out and about, some of you may not have a grasp of how I fit into the classroom. So far the collaboration has been great and what I'm noticing is that it doesn't have to be a huge drawn out project. Take a look at the list below and let me know how I can fit in your classroom!

  • Kindergarten Research- the class wanted to study apples so I went in for a half hour to ask the kids what they know about apples and what questions they have. Then the next week I came every day for their reading stations and the teacher put me as one of the stations. The group that day looked at books ,videos, etc and researched a different aspect of apples. I had the kids create a short Shadow puppet slide show to share with the class. That took a half hour each day.
  • Genius Hour- I am scheduled in few rooms at the same time each week while their class is doing Genius Hour. They use a half hour a week for the kids to learn about something their passionate about. I was there to lead the lessons on picking topics, narrowing down, and being an extra hand for research.
  • Advanced Math Group- A teacher wanted her advanced math group to learn about the Power of 10. We looked at videos, online articles, etc and they drove their learning about it to share with the class- I came each day for a week to pull that group.
  • 4th grade class- they are doing a full PBL on China to prepare for a big trip. I helped her get materials and narrow down topics. I tend to work with her class on their library days.
  • 4th grade class- I am pulling a small group of boys that are passionate about space during RTI- they will be leading what they want to know and I'll make sure it is realistic.
  • 2nd grade- we worked together on learning about Fishers, getting the Mayor in, etc.
  • 1st grade class- her class read Kindness is Cooler Mr. Ruler and want to pay kindness forward. I helped make a video with them.
  • There are several more going no but this should give you an idea of where I can fit in!

Public Library Databases

Don't forget about these amazing databases like Book Flix, Tumblebooks, True Flix, and Pebble go! They are amazing resources so we don't always have to do a Google Search.

Go to: to find these and many research sites. I would love to start using these more. I will have a parent put the library card numbers by the computers. If you need one they are by the self checkout computers.

While the regular Pebble Go is geared towards K-2, Pebble Go Next is an amazing resource for grades 2-4!! I'm so excited about this!

How do you access?

Go to the site above and type in the SCE library card number and pin. I have several copies if you need a new one!

ID: 40508002736688

Pin: 6688