Constitutional Convention

By: Colin Guthrie

The Convention

In May of 1787 12 representatives out of the 13 states gathered to strengthen the Articles of confederation. Instead the delegates made the framework for the new government. The meeting was private with no public or press and no one left the meeting until they were finished.
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Roger Sherman

Sherman proposed The Great Compromise which created equal representation based on population in the senate.

The Virginia Plan

The Virginia Plan created by James Madison called for a strong national government with three separate branches (Legislative, Executive, Judicial). It also called for a bicameral legislature this changed the representation based on states population.

The New Jersey Plan

When the Smaller states started fearing that bigger states would gain too much power from the Virginia Plan they Proposed the New Jersey plan. The New Jersey Plan still called for a strong central government with three branches but they stuck to the articles of confederation. every state would have equal representation and one vote.

Issues at the Convention.

some issues discussed at the convention were,

1. Slavery

2. Representation

3. State Vs. Federal powers

4. Executive power

5. Commerce