Your NSB Matching & IR Coordinator

Please Read Me

Who am I?


My name is Ginnifer Joe. A couple nicknames I respond to are "G.I.Joe" and "Gin and tonic".

I am from AIESEC in Austin and currently major in dance at the University of Texas at Austin. I hope to add a major in public relations and… *drum roll* I am your NSB Matching and IR Coordinator!

Below is me channeling my inner Shakira...

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What Have I Been Doing?

Since I assumed this position, I have chatted with several country partners to build U.S. relations. A commonality between them has been a request for more promotional materials from the U.S., so your girl is on that. I will be sending out bi-weekly updates to our country partners of the opportunities we have available here.

I also have created a template that will unify all AIESEC United States' ads, so they don't get lost amongst all other opportunity ads. The point of this implementation is not to take away your creative freedom, but for EPs to know at first glance that an opportunity is in the United States.

LC LC partnerships between countries are beginning to form, so I have also created a tracking tool for U.S. LCs to operate with other countries' LCs. Hopefully, this will help keep each partner accountable for goals as well as aid in frequent communication. If this template is not the best for your LC, or there is a more efficient way in doing this, please feel free to create your own and share your knowledge with me :). If you have questions about creating these partnerships or how to use the tool, please contact me at

U.S. TN Ads Template

Download the template from the link to create an Ad.

LC LC Partnership Tracking Tool

Download template to create a partnership tracking tool for your own LC.

Help Me Help You

In the newsletters that I send to our country partners, I would love to include TN Ads, so please send me ( your Opportunity Ads! I believe this will help speed up the matching process.

I am also in the process of creating a promotional video that will encourage EPs to come to the U.S., and I need your help. Please have your EPs (those who are willing) to answer the questions in the link below in a video, then send it to me and please send any photos and/or videos from members of your LC or EPs that will help promote the U.S.

Our country partners want this video, and I need footage. It may be beneficial to delegate this task to one member of your team who will be in contact me. Please help me help you.

U.S. Promo Video - Questions for EPs

Have your EPs (those who are willing) video themselves answering these questions, then please send the video to me (

That is All

This is a very compacted newsletter, so thank you for your time and money (jk I don't get paid because #nonprofit). If there is anything that I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me (, but also keep in mind that I'm a college student and may not be readily available 24/7, however I do my best.

Thanks again!

Your Matching & IR Coordinator,

Ginnifer Joe