Google Play VS. Apple iTunes

Who's better?



Pros & Cons

Apple iTunes


  • Probably the biggest app store, comprising more than 1,00,000 apps

  • Largest category of apps, ranging from fun apps to more serious ones

  • Features a whole lot of free apps. The paid ones are very reasonable

  • iTunes, is Apple’s biggest advantage. No other store so far offers users this facility


  • Only the most downloaded apps are featured prominently

  • Using the Apple App Store is the only method a user can install apps in their iPhone

  • There is duplication of many apps in the "lite" version of apps

  • Apple’s recent inclusion policies are very restrictive

Google Play


  • The Android Market features about 250,000 apps

  • Developers only pay a low fee of $25 to register

  • The apps are available at low costs too

  • Each item is categorized and listed out neatly


  • Quality of apps leaves a lot to be desired

  • Google supports only 29 countries to sell apps in their store. Developers from all other nationalities can only publish free apps

  • The app store is accessible only in certain countries of the world

  • Many developers feel that the app market is highly fragmented.