Super Tin Mole!

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Super Tin Mole is a twist off of Superman. Superman is the "Man of Steel", so Super Tin Mole is the "Mole of Tin", their only difference is the element in their names. They both have extraordinary superpowers!

Uses/Purpose of Tin (II) Chloride

- Tin (II) Chloride mixed with a little Hydrochloric Acid is used for the tin-plating of steel, in order to make tin cans.

- Tin (II) Chloride is used to silver mirrors, and make them reflective.

- Tin (II) Chloride is used to test for the presence of precious metals in samples.

Interesting fact about Tin (II) Chloride

* Tin (II) Chloride is an irritant and is dangerous for aquatic organisms if they're exposed to it.

Physical and Chemical properties of Tin (II) Chloride

Physical Properties:

*Molar Mass= 189.6 g/mol

*White Crystalline Solid

*Density= 3.95 g/cm^3

Chemical Properties:

*Can dissolve in less than its own mass of water, then forms salt.

*Lewis Acid.