20 Minute Challenge

Book in Tight! Sponsored by Alicia Schofield!

National Wine Day is Thursday, February 18th

We all know nothing is more fun that sipping wine and shopping with friends! Let's see if we can book in tight for next week :)

Today's 20 Minute Challenge: Pick 10 on your WDYK List and send them this! Once you've done your 10...find the challenge on our team page and reply! #boom You're entered to win a Kate Spade Bangle!

Hi there, pretty lady! I Hope you are having a great 2016! I have been thinking of you since I received the new Spring Collection from Stella and Dot. So many pieces are your style!!! Not sure if you know this but February 18th is National Drink Wine day (as if I needed a reason) and I am certain you and your friends would have fun celebrating that day! Friends gather together, have fun, and as the hostess I'll treat you to a free shopping spree! Let me know if 7-9 on the 18th works for you! xoxo-Tara

Meet the STAR! Alicia Schofield!!!

I'm giving away a Kate Spade rose gold bangle. I love wearing Kate Spade with my S&D. It's also been one of my little treats along the way.

The first time I hosted a trunk show with S&D, I had no desire to be a stylist when asked. I was in another direct sales company and thought I was happy with that. At that time, I had taken a year off from teaching due to a short move. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to be a stylist over the other company. It was something that I loved & thought why not. I wanted to be able to meet people wherever the Army took us. And who doesn't love jewelry? ;) I teach 3rd grade & love my job, but it's nice to be able to make "extra" money that allows me to do things that I've wanted to for the past 10 years. I have loved the opportunity that S&D has given me to meet some amazing women! I'm so thankful for my friend that pushed me to host a show with Jean Sweet-Morrison. This month will be my 2 year Stellaversary & it has been a great ride! I will continue to move around the country & love that S&D can allow me to meet even more women.

My goal for 2016 is to keep growing my sparkling team. Associate Director will hopefully be in the stars.

My top tip is never give up. Even when you think your business isn't going well, keep pushing through.