Video Game Development

Alexander Madere


Whenever an idea for a game rises from a studio, they pitch it to a publisher, who then funds the studio.Then the studio pays (or hires) new programmers and artists to help make the idea a reality


-The most basic stage of development

-Programmers allow testing to help fix bugs and glitches

-Used to test the game's engine

-Only a select few allowed to test

-Majority of all work is in the Pre- Alpha stage


-considered the "complete game" as the other stages are just improvements of Alpha

-select few are chosen to play

-the said few help programmers find bugs that were harder to find in the Pre-Alpha stage


-The final development stage

-The game is already complete

-Released to many people to test as a demo of what the actual game will be like

Official Game

-The Official release of the game to the public

-All production has ceased unless work on DLC and/or patches to the game.