Dred Scott v. Daniel Webster

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Dred Scott

Born into slavery in 1795, the day not known, Scott was a slave and was soon escaped. He lived in multiple states and ended in Missouri. Then he found his wife, Harriet, and sued for his and his wives freedom.

Scott ended up sueing in the Federal Court, but the ruling said that former slaves couldn't get freedom in free states and that African Americans couldn't sue in the Federal Court

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Daniel Webster

He was born January 18, 1782 in Salisbury, New Hampshire. He was greatly known in the world of government. Webster went to Dartmouth College and he studied law. He was a great lawyer, who fought for many cases like the ''Dartmouth College Case'' and ''McCulloch v. Maryland.'' He was one best orators of his time; he is famous for his ''Webster-Hayne Debate.''
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