Disability & Assistive Technology


Agency Information: address, hours of operation, geographical area served

609 Learning Resource Center, open Monday through Friday 8:00-4:30, serves the students enrolled at UW Stevens Point

History of agency

These services began soon after 1973 after Section 504 was created. The center was originally located in student services but then got moved to the sixth floor of the LRC and has been there for the past three years. It is expected to move again after the LRC is remodeled in the near future.

Agency interaction with schools, parents, youth

Disability services and Assistive Technology are only available to the students at UWSP. They don’t do much interaction with the schools, parents or youth. This is because they are exclusive to students who attend this college.

Funding of the agency

The University is responsible for any mandated accommodations. The office gets ‘x’ amount of money to run their office and they then hand in everything they spent at the end of the year and are reimbursed from the university funding.

Services the agency provides

All of the services provided to the students are free, unless they want to buy one for personal use outside of school. They offer many services including testing accommodations, enlarged copies of notes, proctors, scribes, readers, preferential seating, sign language interpreter, assistive technology, volunteer note takers, self-duplicating paper, or recording lectures.

How do individuals access the service; eligibility?

To qualify for the services you need three things: to have a diagnosed disability, documentation of the disability, and an intake meeting with the director or advisor of disability services. Once you qualify you have all access to the services center and their accommodations that they provide, if you qualify for them.

How is the agency evaluated and by whom?

The agency was last evaluated in 2012. It is evaluated by the students who use the services by satisfaction surveys. It is also evaluated by budgeting reports that identify what needs to be fixed. They also make goals and outcomes. This report is written by Kathy Davis who is the director of the LRC.

Describe the agency link to the IEP/Transition process

The Disability Services doesn’t do much for the IEP or transition process. They do have tables at local transition fairs that are open to the public. They also attend the SPASH fair and have a table set up there with some their information. They aren’t really active in the community.

Disability and Assistive Technology Center