Change the World Today

Network of People

HIPERION is a NETWORK of people.

They INVEST in, and ORGANIZE social, cultural and economic activities that contribute to a world in which SOCIAL JUSTICE, SOLIDARITY between people and the protection of the ENVIRONMENT are crucial.

Hiperion in Action

HIPERION develops very diverse activities, ranging from a street theatre event to the development of bio-beer and organizing a workshop on ecological household products. Everything is possible, as long as it's in line with the criteria of HIPERION.

HIPERION initiatives aim at a strong ethical 'profit' by paying much attenttion to the social and ecological impact of the project. Next to that, HIPERION supports and facilitates other initiatives with similar ecological or social goals.

HIPERION initiatives are to the most possible extent selfsufficient or even profitable. In that way we can start larger projects with better social and ecological impact. HIPERION doesn't work in the margins. It wants to be an ever increasing FORCE in constructing a sustainable society.


ENFORCE the HIPERION network...

... as HIPERION JUNIOR for € 5 per month

... as HIPERION SENIOR for € 10 per month

... as HIPERION MASTER - These HIPERION members choose to contribute monthly 1% of their income. They form a special driving force of HIPERION.