Fransisco Pizarro


Pizarro's beginning

Fransisco Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Spain, 1955. Spain sent Pizarro on his explorations.

He explored central America and he explored in the years 1509,1513,1524,1531, and 1524. His team member's name was Balboa.

Pizarro continued

Pizarro left from the country Spain for his exploration. Pizarro heard of a large and wealthy empire and wanted to take the Inca lands and make them Spain's lands. Spain sent and paid for Pizarro's trip. Pizarro intended to go to the Inca lands of Peru.
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Pizarro and the Incas

Pizaro ended up in the inca lands: Peru-1951. The inca people were already there. The inca were a community and lived there for a long time. Their government was an emperor. Pizarro founded the city of Lima. Pizarro was killed on June 26,1541.

The End

The native's lives got worse. The king/emperor got murdered.