An American Hero

By Devyn Bayle


One brave young indian girl, one colony leader, and one whole tribe. Who was this brave indian girl who helped shape what we call our home? Her tribe's lifestyle was unique. Pocahontas's people got most of their food from farming and everything is homemade. They lived in a wooded community and were usually very friendly. Pocahontas saved a young colony leaders life. Why did she do that? Young Pocahontas moved to England with her new husband John Rolfe. Why did she go there? Why did she go to England? Why did she save John Smith? These are all questions that will be answered in this fact filled, five paragraphs on Pocahontas.

Her Tribe's lifestyle

What they ate, what their weapons were, and if they were friendly

Pocahontas's tribe was unique in it's own way with their food, weapons, and community. The Algonquins ate lots of different things. They ate fish ,meat, berries, and wild plants. They also traded with neighboring tribes for corn and maple syrup. The Algonquins used an array of weapons. They used bows, arrows, spears, and knives. Hunters also built traps to catch wild animals in the forest. For fishing they used pronged spears to shoot through the water and catch the fish. In winter they used the spears to stab through the ice and grab the fish. This community was very friendly. They were always helping out each other. They usually helped the new settlers t find food and animals. The Algonquin's ate natural things, they used an array of weapons, and were usually very friendly.

Saving John Smith

True or false

John Smith was captured by Algonquins and was almost killed, but Pocahontas stepped in and saved him. Pocahontas's father, Chief Powaton, was about to bring down a spiked stick on John Smith's head but, Pocahontas wrapped her arms around his head and saved him. People believe Pocahontas saved John Smith for peace reasons. She wanted to keep the peace between the colonists and the indians. John Smith was an English explorer and soldier. He published three books. He was born January, 1580. He died June 21, 1631. Pocahontas saved John Smith for peace reasons. Her father almost killed Smith and John did amazing things.

Moving to England

A New Life

Pocahontas moved to England with her new husband John Rolfe, she wore expensive clothes, and had one child. She went to England with John Rolfe. She also went with other colonists. She definitely had a stylish wardrobe. She wore fancy dresses and skirts. She always got the finest silks and clothes. She moved to England because John Rolfe lived there. Pocahontas had a great life in England. She was dressed finely and had one son named Thomas Rolfe.

The Closing

Pocahontas, an American hero. She lived in a settle community with homemade weapons and home grown food. She saved a colony leader named John Smith who lead the first successful colony. She then moved to England because her new husband, John Rolfe, had business there. While she was there she had one son named Thomas Rolfe. Sadly while she was there she died of smallpox. If it wasn't for Pocahontas Jamestown wouldn't of survived and a fight would of broken out among the indians and colonists.