Animal Infographic

Preparing your presentation

What is an infographic?

The word infographic has two words in it that we know.

Info reminds us of information.

Graphic reminds us of a picture.

So an infographic is a way of sharing information with words and pictures.

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Above is an example of a completed infographic to show what a completed one might look like. We will use a template to create our infographic.

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Below is the template that you will be using.
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Step 1

Start by planning your infographic on paper before working on the chromebook. You will include information about your animal to share with your classmates.

Step 2

You will use Google Drawing to create your infographic. Log into the chromebook and go to your writing class. Find the assignment for animal infographic. Click on it to get started.

Step 3

Type the information you will be sharing into the template.

Step 4

Add grapics from one of the sites below.