Music Activities

Week of April 6, 2020

Week 2 Virtual Lesson Message from Mrs. Hoevelman!

Week 2 Virtual Learning Message

Log-In Instructions

This is our first week trying out the digital resources online with Quaver Music! After this week I will move the Log-in instructions to a separate link if you need them. For now, they are here at the top before you see your lesson activities. If you have any issues logging on PLEASE reach out to me as soon as possible so we can fix it!

Pre-K/Kinder Log-In Instructions

Unfortunately, the District does not "assign" Specials teachers Pre-K and Kindergarten classes for grades. This means that my Quaver Music account cannot be linked to the districts resources for Clever and the Hub. We do have a couple of options though. I have some technical difficulties options available below if you have trouble, but the best way to access lessons for Pre-K/K will be to log on to Quaver directly. Please follow these directions to try this out:
Quaver Music General Log-In

Username: herodstudent Password: herodstudent

  • Click on the Quaver Music link above
  • Select Log-In at the top
  • Username: herodstudent
  • password: herodstudent
  • Select Assignments
  • Launch Week 2 Assignment
  • Enjoy!
  • When you are done try out a Creative or Interactive!

Grades 1-5 Quaver Music through Digital Resources

You are now able to access all of your music lessons through the HISD Hub or through your CLEVER account! I have now linked all of my classes so you can see all the interactivities from last week as well as full lessons and assignments. The instructions for logging into your Quaver account is in a PDF below. Once you follow these directions one time you will never have to do it again. To view your weekly assignments click the Assignments button and Launch a lesson. If you don't see this you might be accessing Quaver with flash, in which you will need to click the yellow student tab at the bottom before you are able to see your assignments.

At the end of each lesson you will take a short quiz (don't worry it's just a survey... for now). This will help me keep track of the lessons you have completed and your grades!

Access Clever Here!

Log-In with your Student ID and Birthdate

Week 2 Lesson Activities

Grades Pre-K, Kinder, 1st

This week your lesson will have songs, and games, but will focus on "Aquarium" from "Carnival of the Animals." You will see your lesson activities by logging into the general Herod Student account (see instructions above). First grade will log in through the Hub/Clever. I hope you enjoy!

Grades 2-5

This week your lesson will have songs, and games, but will focus on FORM.

You will see your lesson activities by logging into your Hub/Clever account (see instructions above). I hope you enjoy!

Be sure to complete the End of Lesson Quiz so you can get credit!

Having Technical Trouble?

If you are having issues getting to lessons through the Hub or Clever you can still access at home interactives by clicking the link below using Herod Student class code: KLSX9 . This should only be an option if you are struggling to find the actual lesson for this week, and please reach out if you are having technical issues! I will not be able to track your progress if you do this option!

Alternate Music Lesson

Option 1

Task 1: Access Quaver Music and explore the Music Creation Tab

  • Select My First Rhythms or Rhythm Selectah
  • Create a 4 beat rhythm
  • Remember your rhythm for the next task

Task 2: Access Quaver Music and explore the Playing Music Tab

  • Use an Orff Instrument to play the Rhythm you created in Task 1

Task 3: Access Quaver Music and explore the Quaver Books Tab

  • Select a subject to study!

Option 2

District Broadcasted Lesson

I was able to record a lesson for General Music PK-2 for the district's @H.O.M.E. platform. This lesson will be available next week and publicly broadcast on TV April 7, 2020 in the morning. Once the link goes live you will be able to see it by clicking the link below. Until that time the link will direct you to the districts Virtual Lesson Library for other great lessons and resources. You will also see the link to my YouTube video link for this lesson until the lesson is officially posted by HISD. This is a great option if you are still having issues with your technology.

Modern Band!


Click the picture to go to the Modern Band Page!