Kindergarten News

November 10-14, 2014

Here are the highlights from our week!

Monday-In writing, we wrote our November writing. Students thought about things they are thankful for. We came up with amazing ideas like our family, friends, and food! In math, we order numbers 1-20 and played our build it game using ten frames. At the end of the day, students practiced filling each other's buckets by playing with someone new. Students had a great time interacting with new friends from our classroom.

Tuesday-Mrs. Joyner visited our room today for our guidance lesson. She talked about ways to fill each other's buckets. We also had laptop day and visited Raz Kids. Students are also working hard on their word study. Students are learning their word families as well as their letters and sounds. For Veterans' Day, we wrote notes to Veterans. These notes will be hand delivered to a Naval homecoming by one of our Crozet teachers this weekend!

Wednesday-Next Tuesday, is the Principal Reading Challenge. As a class, we voted on a book for Ms. Crummie to read. We also chose places for her to read in our building and we chose a deep thinking question for her to answer. The book the students chose was Tuesday by David Wiesner. We are looking forward to the principal challenge!

Thursday-In writing, we read I Went Walking by Sue Williams. This book discusses how a little girl went on a walk and the things she saw. As a class, we went on a walk around our school to notice things we saw. When we came back to the room, we generated a list of the things we saw. What a fun walk! We also visited the Wonder Lounge to explore reading and math apps.

Friday-In reading groups today, we read Let's Find Out. We also assessed sight words. We would like students to be able to automatically say the sight words. They are doing a great job! Our book buddies also visited our classroom to read! We love when our buddies visit us.

Upcoming Events

November 18-Principal Crummie Reading Challenge!

Tuesday, November 25-Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast at 8:30am in the Cafeteria. Please send in the requested food items on November 21. Thank you!

November 26-28 No School-Thanksgiving Holiday

-Please send in your child's signed report card folder.

The Sight Word Song High frequency word song rap for kids