Johnson Informer

Principal - Doris Marcum

Upcoming Events

March 13-Set your clocks back one hour

March 14, 15, 16-IREAD3 testing for 3rd grade

March 18-Spring Parties

March 21-25-Spring Break

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Plastic Caps

We now have enough plastic caps for our bench. If you have any caps, please send them in next week. We will NOT be accepting any more caps after Spring Break. Thanks for all you do for Johnson Elementary.


March 15-Daesha March

March 16-Ellie Richardson

March 17-Tyler Johnson

Alexander Lamb

March 19-Peyton Owens

Title 1 Family Reading Night and Book Fair

Those who attended Family Reading Night, Thursday, March 10th had a really nice time. Those students reading and passing AR tests enjoyed dancing with Mrs. McIntosh. Winners of the book giveaway are: Chase Parks-Pre-school, Cameron Hines-Kindergarten, Audrey Bishop-1st Grade, Carson Cravens-2nd Grade, Alexus White-3rd Grade, Bryson Riley-4th Grade, and Madison Pruett-5th Grade. Thanks goes out to our Title 1 staff who made all of this possible.

Students of the Week

Akemon AM-Ethan Neace

Akemon PM-Chevelle Francis

Burns-Clancy Myers

Long-Whole Class

Funk-Cohen Long

Spencer-Axel Hawkins

McGannon-Nowlin Craig

Van Dyke-Alison Couch

Rose-Gavin Newton

Meadows-Emily Gabbard

Richardson-Mayson Cutter

Wooten-Tracy Dossett

Schindler-Hunter Campbell

Strobl-Noah Schottmer

Neace-Heath Brewer

Our Weekly Heroes

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Employee of the Week

Congratulations!!!! Mrs. Leslie Robinson for being our Employee of the Week!!!
Akemon AM-89.7%

Akemon PM-94%






Van Dyke-90%








Classroom News

Pre-school-Learning about feelings and emotions

Kindergarten-Learning about plants

1st grade-Learning about Measurement and adjectives

2nd grade-Learning about cause and effect

3rd grade-Reviewing for IREAD3 and fractions

4th grade-Learning about Indiana History, decimals, and fractions

5th grade-Learning about drawing conclusions and adverbs

Mrs. Neace-Learning about word families, Letter X, and #15

School Mall eMails

Students will be bringing home a packet to be filled out by their parents and sent back to school next week. JES will receive $.25 for every email up to 6 per student. The money raised will go toward field trips and programs for the students. Please help!! Students will receive a "light-up-wand" for returning their emails. Thanks for your help with this project.

Principal's Corner

Avoid nagging. The happiest families have developed "no-nag" methods to remind kids to do their chores. Some families make a chart listing all regular chores and the person responsible for each one. As a chore is completed, it is crossed off. Try rotating tasks so no one gets bored. The person who feeds and walks the dog this week may wash the dishes next week and mow the lawn after.


March 18-Spring Parties 2:15-3PM

April 28-Spring Fling 6PM-?

Winners of the Box Top challenge for the 3rd 9 weeks is Mrs. Funk's 1st grade. Congrats!!! Keep saving those points.

Thanks goes out to all the volunteers who helped with the Book Fair. It brought a lot of new books into the classrooms and homes. Especially, Thanks to Tosha Cravens for handling the day to day openings and closings.

Parents: Please keep an eye out for a yellow paw ring, it was taken from one of the books in the Book Fair. Also, keep an eye out for a "fart" whistle, it was also taken from one of the books in the Book Fair. If you find either of them please send them back to school. I am very disappointed that someone from JES would take something without paying for it.

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