The Taliban

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Who Are They ?

The Taliban

The Taliban are a group of fundamentalist made up of mostly Sunni Muslims, Pashtuns. They emerged in Afghanistan in 1994 beating the Soviet military. Once the Taliban got into power they promised to restore peace and security and enforce theirs own Islamic law. They have many brutal rules and punishments. Once being seen as Heroes in their country, to becoming a threat and enemy's in other country's. “When the Taliban rolled in and kicked the Alliance out of Kabul, I actually danced on that street, Rahim Khan said. ‘And, believe me, I wasn't alone. People were celebrating at Chaman, at Deh-Mazang, greeting the Taliban in the streets, climbing their tanks and posing for pictures with them. People were so tired of the constant fighting, tired of the rockets, the gunfire, the explosions, tired of watching Gulbuddin and his cohorts firing on anything that moved.” (200)

Some Taliban Laws For Women And Men

A Little More

Besides these laws the Taliban also have laws for genders. For example


Cut short their hair.

Grow long their beards.

Wear Islamic clothing.

Wear the Islamic turban or Islamic cap. ETC.

Women Can Not

Gain an education.

Have employment.

Leave home without permission of father or husband.

Wear mens' clothes.

Wear make up.

Wear perfume.

Laugh in public

Paint their nails.

Wear shoes with ' clicking ' heels.

Talk to males unless they are relatives, including in their own homes.

Gather at any outside event.

Wash clothes in rivers.

Ride in taxis.

Ride bicycles.

Use public baths.

Attempt suicide.

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