Berry Sweet Berries

Specializing in berries and other baked goods.

About our buisness

My business provides custom made, hand dipped strawberries and homemade cupcake. I have a bachelors degree in culinary arts. I am a sole proprietor of my business which means that I own it by myself. I have owned my business for 5 years successfully with two other workers who have worked for me for 2 years.

Factors of Production

  • Land: Flour, Eggs, Milk, sugar, other natural ingredients.
  • Labor: Two other workers
  • Human- Degree in culinary arts, years of experience in baking
  • Physical- Ovens, Mixer, Car, blenders.
  • Entrepreneur- Naimeria

We cater Just for you!

  • We provide excellent in store service, open 7 days a week, 325 days a year. Our hours are from 8-5 .
  • We also deliver and offer catering services.

Branching out

I also plan to expand my business to a multi-national corporation which means that I plan on expanding Berry Sweet Berries to other places like London, Japan, and Colombia, to name a few. If I enter this type of corporation, it will expand my business and enable me to make more money.


  • More money
  • Opportunity to create a bigger brand
  • More help
  • Bigger Store


  • Paying more rent
  • Cost of hiring more workers
  • Higher wages
  • Higher cost to open more stores
  • Higher cost of materials
  • More cars to deliver and cater.