How Lightning and Tornadoes Strike

some information that you might didnt know about this


How lightning starts, it needs to have warm sir and cold air, when they meet the hot air goes up, thats what makes the thunder storm clouds. The cold air has ice crystals and the warm air has water droplets. While the storm is still going on, the ice crystals bump together and move apart in the air. When they bump together, it starts to get static electricity.

Like batteries, the thunderstorm has a plus (+) and a minus (-) . The positive energy is at the top of the cloud. The negative charges is at the bottom. When the bottom part of the cloud gets enough strength, the cloud lets out energy.

The energy travels through the air, it goes to a place with the opposite charge. The lightning bolt that is let out is called the leader stroke. It can go from the cloud, strait to the ground or, a leader stroke can go from its cloud to another cloud. Cool huh? But the mystery about lightning is that no one knows why it takes a zig-zag path as they move through the sky. The main bolt or stoke of lightning, when it touches the ground it goes back up into the cloud. It will make a flash, that most of us call lightning. It also heats the air. The sound can travel quickly, witch is known as thunder.


Did you know that the most powerful tornadoes form in the United States? Tornadoes and Hurricanes needs warm and cold air. The tornadoes and hurricanes start by warm air and cold air chasing each other. When that happens it goes around in a circle, like a donut. The middle of the tornado is called the eye. People say that in the eye of a tornado, there is nothing, so if you get sucked up by a tornado, and then some hoe get in the middle of it, you'll see nothing. Every tornado, amazingly has its own color,sound, and shape. Also, if your in a car and a tornado occurs, you need to atleast go 70 miles per hour to outrun the fastest tornadoes. Tornadoes have been reported in every state of the United States, and in every season! A tornado can occur at any timie, but most of the time, between 3 AM and 9 PM. Now, hurricanes are kind of different. Hurricanes have to start in the water, so the water can fuel the hurricane. When the hurricane starts, it starts to go toward the land. If it touches the land it starts to disintegrate, because its no longer on the water, so the water cant fuel it. A typhoon is like the same thing, but stronger than a hurricane.

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