ACS Life Science Update

Ms. Cavender

Hello Parents and Students!

If you have checked online for homework due Monday, Don't Panic!

I changed our lesson plans this Friday, so our homework is different than 8th Grade Science with Mrs. Coley.

I wanted us to have time to explore Spirulina, so we will catch up next week. Hopefully, you ladies and gents enjoyed getting to taste a little POND SCUM in class today.

You have no assigned homework due Monday, but I know some of you are worker bees and would like to jump ahead. If so, you can:

Answer Pg. 196 Section Review 9.B # 1- 8

*Remember to write answers in complete sentences that rephrase the question.

Create an informational page on Kingdom Protista for your Kingdom Booklet.

*Include printed pictures of Protozoa and Algae, and information on how they reproduce, move, and affect the environment. Dazzle us with your creativity!

If you have questions, you can send me an email at

See you Monday!