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Thursday, February 18, 2016

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Teaching Construct 3.1 Planning for Instruction

In general terms, planning means the "act or process of making or carrying out plans.". Instructional planning, however, is a process of the teacher using appropriate curricula, instructional strategies, and resources during the planning process to address the diverse needs of students. A teacher's teaching begins before he or she steps into the classroom and starts talking. Prior to each lesson, unit, semester, or school year, while teachers are planning the content of instruction, selecting teaching materials, designing the learning activities and grouping methods, and deciding on the pacing and allocation of instructional time, they are actually determining what learning opportunities their students are going to have. Read the article below that asks some great questions to consider while planning for the best instruction for your students with Common Core...
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What's Next for Mentoring?

For those of you who signed up for a 2nd round of peer observations, I will start scheduling them this week! Last week I asked you for dates to avoid. I only heard back from one of you, so make sure you let me know if there are dates that you cannot be out of your classroom to make planning easier!

Don't forget you need to have all 4 of your ETMs completed with reflections written by May 1st! Directions for how to sign up and write your reflection can be found HERE.

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