Rhode Island

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Rhode Island is my state in colonial times and is really interesting.First Rhode Island is the smallest state in the colonial times.Next Roger Willams was the founder of Rhode Island.Finily education in Rhode island was not poor after colonial times. Rhode Island is small but has a lot of history.

Intro to Rhode Island

First Rhode Island is a place where glacier bay is and is one of the thirteen colonies. Rhode Island is the smallest state,surrounded by and allmost cut in half by glacier bay.The island has 36 islands along the beaches and near glacier bay.There was no president to lead Rhode Island during colonial times.Rhode island was the first colonie to declare its independence . Rhode Island is in the new England colonies.

The founder of Rhode Island

Next Roger Williams was the founder of Rhode Island.Roger Williams believed that people should be able to choose their own religious beliefs.He also believed that the land belonged to the Indians .He angrier the Puritan leaders.When they worn ed him to stop putting dangerous ideas out he refused.They sent officers to put him on a ship. He escaped before they got their . Him and several followersheaded south. The Indians gave him shelter and food .there is some information about Roger Williams some information on education. There is some information about Roger Williams some information on education

Information about education

Finally Rhode Island had Poor education until after colonial times . since there was poor education until after colonial times people couldn't read very few people could read .The people that could read where wealthy families . They can pay for private schools and terror . The schools were run by schoolmasters and mistress.No girls went to College . Rhode Island had no public schools during colonial times. Rhode Islands poor education effected alot of people during colonial times.


As you can see Rhode Island is a great state to research . Rhode Island is apart of the 13 colonies. Roger Willams is important to Rhode Island because he's the founder of the island.Imformation about education was rare in Rhode Island during colonial times. Rhode Island is an amazing state in the 13 colonies.


Believed - to accept that something is true. Choose -to decide that a person or thing is the one for you. dangerous -involving possible harm. Independence -freedom from outside support. Indian -a native or inhabitan of India or of the east Indies. Wealthy-healthy,rich,or well taken care of.