Lead: Anecdote,Fact, Statistic

*For informational essay's*

Where it is located

It's located in the very beginning which is why it's called a lead, because it leads you into your essay and what your topic will be.

Lead types

Anecdote: An anecdote is short story that is normally amusing; it could be a joke but it has to be related to a topic.

Fact: It's something that can be scientifically proven and it has to be related to the topic.

Statistic: It is sort of like a fact but this detail has to be numerical, which means it has to contain a number or percent.

How all of the pieces or leads are connected

They are all connected because they all lead the reader into the story. They provide factual or entertaining statements,stories,or jokes that connect to the topic.

Helpful tricks to remember

Anecdote Trick: "An anecdote will make you LAUGH so hard you need a cure"

Fact Trick: "They aren't funny like the anecdote, in FACT they are quite serious."

Statistic Trick: "The statistic is all about the NUMBERS, maybe he should be a math teacher."

Lead Trick: "They lead you into the into the paper, so it's at the beginning."

Leads - Informational Text

Lead examples

Anecdote: "What did they cow say to the plastic bottle? Moooove over we don't need anymore of you in landfills."

Fact: "The lowest recorded temperature is in death valley."

Statistic: "Only 2% of dog attacks per year are caused by pit bulls."


The lead can easily be one of the most important parts of an essay, and you definitely don't want to forget to put it in your paper. This piece of the essay allows your reader to get a feel for what the essay will be about and it grabs their attention which keeps them listening.