Water Pollution

Why is this such big problem?

Why would this be a big problem in Africa?

We take most things for granted here, in rich countries. Places across the world have trouble surviving because of certain things that we waste. For instance, water. Millions of women and young girls use there time going to fetch water, and the young girls are usually about 12-13. They drop out of school because of work that needs to be done around the area and support families. Families can find water and they bring it back but its dirty and that's one cause of death. Some family members die because of the polluted water. Soil erosion is one reason why its polluted. The water may contain bad bacteria or tiny bugs or worms that harm the body. People may find or locate water, but its NEVER clean. Diarrhea, caused by dirty water and bad sanitation, is the second biggest child killer worldwide. A lack of clean water and toilets keeps girls out of school, stops women from working, and traps people in poverty. 1,400 are killed almost everyday because of the water crisis. 650,000,000 people in Africa don't have access to safe water. That's even more than the population of the US in 2014.

How can we stop this problem?

Delivery services seem to be best option. Of course all of these systems cost money but they are the best we've got! We can create multiple well systems by drilling in to the ground and the people will have some water. This all needs time and money and that's what most donations go to. This water sources usually lasts for quite a while and multiple sources mean even more water and closer to where people live, and even when it does rain, it can fill up the well and even more water shall be added. Different systems like this can provide water from sources that can't be reached. This will fix the water scarcity crisis and the water pollution crisis because, there is easy water to access.

Another way is teaching the people how to get rid of some bacteria from the water. One way is putting a pale of water out in the sun and that gets rid of harmful bacteria. The rays of the sun kill the harmful bacteria's in the water. This may help if you need a little extra water, because you can never have enough. This can help the water pollution problem. One way that could make it easier is if they had a wagon or something to help bring even more water back so they won't go back as often. It may not solve it but it can help it.