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A Little Bit of This and That

Breast Cancer Walk Last Weekend

We met plenty of survivors :)

I even found some sharks!

T. Swift Streaming Into NWEMS

I'm glad this worked out so well and to hear that more grades were particpating in their own classrooms!

Also, if you're interested in viewing more webcasts, check out the following links on Scholastic:

Magic School Bus Webcast:

The First Thanksgiving Webcasts:

Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island:

Check out Scholastic for more!

Involving Students and Audience in Project Assessment

This is a blog written about a humanities teacher, Cady Staff, who conducted a webinar on the PBL (Project Based Learning) website about keeping students involved in project assessments. Students are often left out of the assessment process and using Cady's tips will allow students to see where they can improve on future projects. Cady's classroom exercises are also a great way for students to build meaningful relationships with their peers, since they learn the proper way to deliver kind, helpful feedback to one another.

If you're interested in hearing the webinar, click the following link:

For more information on PBL, follow this link:

Working on Technology Spotlights

There are so many wonderful teachers incorporating technology at NWEMS! It's great seeing how many different resources you all are integrating and giving your students hands on experience with so many different areas of technology.

I'll be sending out the first "Technology Spotlight" soon, which will be featuring teachers I have been working with quite a bit lately! From the little ones to the older kids, they are definitely developing some advanced technology skills!

NWEMS Students Help create presentation for Congressman Palazzo

At the last minute, our bosses wanted us to include a Goanimate video with Palazzo in it that discussed the AmeriCorps TeachUp! program. Rather than having other interns complete the project, as many are doing, I wanted to include students from NWEMS. After all, getting students involved in technology is what we're supposed to be doing.

Since the lovely Mrs. Giametta had already introduced Goanimate to her 7th graders, I used a few of her students for our videos. While a few voice overs had to be recorded again after listening to them at the office, due to low volume, they did a wonderful job! They loved it and were very involved in the creating/editing process. I'm very proud to say that our students were so involved in this presentation! Palazzo will be coming to our office one day next week for a little breakfast and to hear how the program is going.

Palazzo Visits the North Creek Middle School

Palazzo Visits the Community Site

Looks like another beautiful weekend!!

Enjoy it!!