Fabulous First Grade

A glance into our learning...

Science: We will be learning about objects in the sky and day/night.

Phonemic Awareness / Word Study: We will learn how a new word is made when we change the sound.

Shared Reading: We will be learning how to identify silent "e" words and reading them.

Interactive Reading: We will be practicing retelling with fun Holiday stories.

Math: We will be continuing to work on strategies for story problems with subtraction.

Writing: We will be writing prompts practicing capitalization and punctuation.

Word Study Focus

Dear Parents,

We are excited to share that you have the opportunity to help reinforce word study with your child at home. We will be sending home a list of 10 words each week. There will be words that focus on our word study and words that are on our high frequency word list. We will also send a menu of activities to support your child. Students will be assessed on Fridays and we will use the information to help monitor your child's progress. Thanks for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Word Study Focus in not a spelling test.

We are teaching the students how to identify and apply a reading pattern to become a fluent reader and writer. The choice board has been updated to help practice at home. The words that we provide are examples how the pattern works. The words we send home are not guaranteed to be used for the Friday assessment.

CVCe Video

If you want to know a little about the pattern that the students are learning check out this short video.

Focus: CVC/CVCe

Word List:











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Birthday Treats

We know how much celebrating a school birthday means to the students. As of now, we are not letting outside treats for birthdays. You can purchase ice cream for the class 2 weeks before the day you need it.

The link to purchase is below.

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Mrs. Peterson's class

When they spray for bugs on the playground in the morning we get indoor recess!! (and we loved it!)

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We combined Math and movement! GoNoodle gets our extra energy out so we can focus!

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WANTED! Have you seen these folktale and fable villains!

Students had to use their knowledge of the characteristics from a villain in either a folktale or fairytale, and create a WANTED poster, describing their crime, the reward, clues and footprints!

"If I were a pig, I would build my house out of...."

Mrs. Burke's Class

Mrs. Steadman's Class

Golden Ticket Winner

Congratulations to Nick.

He shows leadership at all times. He is safe, respectful, and responsible in all areas at school.

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Mrs. Conner and Ms. Griffin's Class

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Ms. Edson's Class

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Ms. Gatcomb's Class

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Mrs. Arnold's Class

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We're learning about weather in science and we took our learning outside to add to our weather journal

Spirit Fridays!

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