We are aware that MeRLIN is currently experiencing system challenges. Please log out of DVC Wishes immediately and advise Members to call back at (TIME) for assistance. Please keep your noise level down as we will have Advisors still answering incoming phone calls.

As a reminder, since we cannot verify PII, we are unable to provide any services to Members at this time besides questions answered from The Hub or DORY. We must ask that they call us back at (TIME) when we can verify their Membership status.

Consider using the following spiels when speaking with Members:

  • Introduction: "Thank you for calling Member Services, this is <your phone name here>. At this time, we are currently experiencing a system outage that limits the access we have to our reservation system. We anticipate to be operational at (TIME)."
  • Setting an Expectation: "At this time, we are asking that Members give us a call back at (TIME) for assistance."
  • Empathize: "I completely understand the nature of your request. Unfortunately, due to the system outage we are currently experiencing, I am unable to retrieve that information at this time."
  • Providing a Minimum of Assistance: If a Member is asking about something you are able to provide by searching on The Hub or in DORY, you may assist with sharing that information. Please advise the Member when calling back later to have their Member number and personal information available for verification before we can answer any questions.

Please be patient and watch your email for further updates.