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Have you ever seen stuff on the ground or gray stuff in the air? Well, the stuff on the ground is litter. Littering is not allowed anywhere because it can hurt people and the environment. Also, that grey stuff in the air is called pollution. It comes from cars, factories, and cigarettes. If you want to learn more about pollution, littering, and smoking, read on.

Smoking's Effect on the Environment and People

Have you ever smoked? Well, you are hurting the environment , Even if you don't smoke, the pollution from smoking can effect you. Some people, when they finish smoking, they throw it on the ground. That could cause a fire or pollution. About 1,500 people are killed by cigarette fires each year. Also, Pollution from cigarettes can kill trees. From the book "The Respiratory System," it said, smoking can cause cancer or other diseases, Here are some signs of tobacco use in people: coughing, throat irritation, bad breath, and shortness of breath. Smoking has many negative effects. For instance, it kills marine animals, pollutes the air, destroys rain forests, starts bush fires, and affects the human body especially the lungs. Smoking has so many terrible effects and people should really think about it twice before trying the addictive drug.
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Pollution - Car - Building

Air can be polluted in many ways, especially from traffic, airports, and concerts. Did you know air can be polluted inside or outside? Something crazy is cigarette butts are among the biggest causes of fires on beaches. Cigarette butts cause pollution to the air. Also, trees help us because they breath in dirty air and give out clean air. Next, dirty water from houses and factories go to the river and that is called water pollution. Noise pollution is caused by human activity. Did you know outdoor pollution threatens millions of lives and the health of people? People should try to stop making a lot of pollution because it hurts the environment.

Litter...A Major Problem

Litter can end up anywhere! About 51million pieces of litter end up on beaches, sidewalks, roads, and parks. When you litter on the beach, a piece of trash could hurt sea animals. When you litter bags, they go to the ocean and any animal can get hurt, but especially sea turtles. When a sea turtle sees a bag, it thinks the bag is a jellyfish and it tries to eat it. Then they run the risk of choking or the may even die. Did you know about 90 percent of Americans litter? When you litter, and it goes into the river, it can hurt swans and fish. Every 12 minutes, litter starts a fire. Did you know that about 7 out of 10 pieces of litter are food related on streets? People should stop littering because other people have to pick it up after them. Also, it is causing a major problem to our environment and animal life.
Earth Day: Green Cities

Fun Facts

  • Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen
  • The left lung is smaller than the right lung
  • Earth day is April 22, 2015 but it should be every day too
  • it is estimated that you breathe 20,000 liters of air each day
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If you were interested in this topic, then you should try your best to make the world a better place. Every day is earth day. Maybe your parents smoke so try to tell them to stop. If they have an addiction, that is okay and maybe they can pick up some litter. We don't want people hurting the environment. Encourage people to plant a tree or clean up beaches. If you do that, it will make a big difference because we only get one earth.


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Aleah S.

Fourth Grade Student

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