You've Been Served

M 7 L 2

You've Been Served

Plaintiff ~ Is the person who brings the case against another in the court law

Defendant ~ The person who is sued or accused of doing anything

Complaint ~ Statement that a situation is unacceptable

Summons ~ Demanding to call someone to be present

Pleadings ~ Statement of the cause of an action or defense

Pretrial Conference ~ Is when a conference is held before a trial which beings to bring the parties together.

Mediation ~ Negotiation to resolve differences that are conducted by some impartial party.

Arbitration ~ Use to settle a dispute

Trail ~ Formal examination of evidence by a judge

Preponderance of evidence ~ Conference held before the trail begins to bring the parties together

Verdict ~ Is the opinion or judgement

Appeal ~ Making a serious or urgent request usually to the public

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