Bradley Boggs

About me

I am a 15 year old student attending Holmen High School. My favorite color is black and my favorite food is burgers.I am living with my mom,my sister,my younger brother,and my step-dad.
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Proper Typing Technique

This person is demonstrating good typing technique because she is not slouching, she is looking at the monitor and her fingers are at the homerow.
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Improper Typing Technique

This person is showing poor typing technique because he is slocuhed in his chair,his fingers arent on the homerow, and he is to far away from the keyboard
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More Tips!

Remember to keep the keyboard at the edge of the table. Keep the counter/table a hands width a away from your stomach. Make sure your chair is at the proper height for you. Keep your fingers curved on the homerow not straight out. Center the keyboard to your body between the b and n keys. Keep your elbows at your side so that you are relaxed.