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We had a lot of athletes try out for sports in the fall season, from golf at Community House, to Football and cheer at Marie G. Davis, to Volleyball at RFSA and I could not be more proud of all of our athletes! While not everyone made teams, each showed their heart and their desire to play, and we could not ask for anything more.

After holding our very first tryout season, we moved into first practices and games, and it has been nothing short of exciting. We held our very first football practice for just our falcon student athletes on Friday 9/10 (they normally practice at Marie G. Davis) and the smiles on their faces were nothing short of ear to ear. "They are getting it coach, they understand the routes now" is what Coach K told me after practice as he too had a smile bigger than imaginable.

Games started this week, and our first ever home game, carried all of the excitement it deserved. A late schedule change meant that our first ever game was at home instead of on the road, what could be better right????? We also went from a 14 game night season to 7, each with a double header meaning we play 2 matches in the same night, divided only by a 10 minute break between the two. Our girls were so excited, and no mask was going to hide their excitement and enthusiasm for the game. Our girls made history, with our first ever game, first ever home game, first ever double header, and first (and second) ever wins! The girls remain undefeated as we move into next week. We will travel to Thomasboro on 9/20.

Football had their first game this week as well, and boy was our crazy team dynamic amazing on game day. These boys are coming from 3 different schools but unless you know that, you would guess they have been the best of friends for years. It was a nice change for our team to go just down the road to JM Robinson, being the first team onsite and to only have our brave singular cheerleader (she too joins student athletes from 2 other schools to cheer on these boys), and 5 boys on the bus excited and ready for their first game. While it could have ben nerves, or just getting ready mentally for the game, the bus was silent on the way there with only the noise of the "air conditioning" running. While the boys did not walk off the field victorious, I am so proud of each and everyone of our Cardinals and Falcons. These boys put their heart on the line and worked so hard. I can definitely say I am impressed and we have so much talent, our Southern Cardinals should not be pushed off...we got this! The boys will play at "home" at Marie G. Davis next Wednesdsay (9/22). Come out and cheer us on.

Please come out and cheer on our teams. See their game schedules and locations below. Please note that there are additional covid protocols in place, and all individuals who attend indoor games will be required to wear a mask over their mouth and nose, and sit directly across from their team bench in order to decrease the need to contact trace between schools should the need arise. At outdoor events, we strongly encourage masks to continue to be worn and also encourage families to remain within the schools on the sidelines. In addition teams will NOT be shaking hands, and this will not be considered unsportsmanlike during the 2021 season.

Golf's season is off and running (after lots of delays) and I cannot wait to see our girls play, representing both Community House and Rea Farms!

If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out at any time, kimberly1.williams@cms.k12.nc.us

Kimberly Williams

Athletic Director

Rea Farms STEAM Academy

Volleyball Schedule

Volleyball's home court is RFSA


Volleyball took on Marie G. Davis on their home court. With each game night being a double header we are relying a lot on the conditioning of the girls, and their arms. With this being the first ever home game at RFSA, the girls may have been relying more on adrenaline than anthing else, but none the less they made it through finishing both matches 2-0!!!! 4 straight sets to keep them undefeated. These 10 girls have come so far from the start of the season, and I could not be more proud to see them go out, in uniform, representing all things FALCONS!

Game one (of match one) saw Hayley with 7 straight service points to end the game after a late start. Brynley and Kendall both served 6 service points each. Game one (of match two) had 19 straight service points from Sophia, which only ended after a time out taken by the other team. Game two (of match 2) had 23 straight service points from Hayley!!!!! She was clearly on fire Monday night!. Rallies that found the ball returned to the falcon side of the court were well defended and returned back across the net. The girls proved that it was more than adrenaline running through them. The excitement from our stands was AMAZING, and I know helped support our girls to victory. Keep showing up for them, they loved it. I think I was able to see smiles peaking out of the corner of their masks. From dressed to impress during the day to pulling on the uniform they knew it was focus time!

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Football/Cheer Schedule

Football/Cheer's home field is Marie G. Davis

Southern Cardinals

The Southern Cardinals met at JM Robinson for our opening game on Tuesday Septermber 14th. We arrived on 2 busses, seemingly not a team, but when these boys get together they immediately join to be the team we know they are. Kaylen (our one cheerleader from RFSA) is so in her element when she gets with the other girls. The other cheerleaders got off of the bus, and immediately grabbed Kaylen and gave her a big hug, my heart melted! It is so fun to watch these athletes perform. These student athletes have never played together, as this is the first time these schools will compete as one team, and none of these athletes (like the rest of CMS middle school athletes) have never competed at the middle school level. Both Marie G. Davis, and South Academy of International Languages (SAIL) have 7th and 8th graders to help us compete against the schools we play against. I am so proud of our Falcon 7th graders for standing up and being willing to compete at a super high level.

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Community House Golf Information

Students at RFSA who wish to play golf play for the Community House Middle School Team

Cavalier athletes from RFSA

The Cavalier Golf team will compete for the first time on Thursday. These 2 young ladies came to school on Friday 9/10 after a long tryout process lasting more than a week. Diya got off of the bus asking if I knew when they were going to post the final roster online, without a good answer I told her I would let her know as soon as I knew, and that I had already emailed the Athletic Director at CHMS. About 2 hours later I got word that not one but BOTH of our student athletes that went through to the final day of tryouts had made the team, I could not contain my excitement. I was fortunate that it was near a class change, and I all but ran to the 3rd floor, asking to see them for just a second before their classes started and got to tell them the EXCITING news and how proud of them I was. This was no small feat, with over 28 student athletes trying out and only 13 making the team! Keep up the hard work ladies, I cannot wait to see you play!

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